4 Efficient Email Payment Reminders Ready To Send For Overdue Invoices

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polite payment reminder email

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you of the below outstanding invoices that will soon be due for payment. This is just a friendly reminder that your balance of $XX.XX is due next week on . Their payment isn’t due or past-due yet, so use it as an opportunity to thank them for their business https://xero-accounting.net/ and as a subtle way to let them know you’ll be expecting payment soon. This invoice is now days overdue and we need an update with regard to it. Just a quick one to remind you that we have an outstanding invoice for the you bought. The invoice number is [#reference number] and it’s due for payment on .

I request you again that you reach out to me if you have any questions on this matter. I’d be more than happy to clear up any confusion you may have regarding the invoice and its payment. If there are no concerns regarding the invoice, I request you settle this invoice as soon as possible.

Rather, send your first follow-up email a week before the payment due date. We know how long you spend chasing late payments – too long! Managing your credit control is crucial, which is why we recommend using Chaser to automate your credit control. As a business owner, you’ll have to deal with overdue payments sooner or later. However, I strongly suggest you don’t use your personal phone for work purposes, including payment reminders. An overdue invoice has been on your account for longer than 10 business days. If not paid within 24 hours, a collections agency will be assigned to collect the outstanding balance.

Payment Reminder For Invoices 14+ Days Overdue

This can include a set time period after which continued non-payment will result in legal action. Debt collectors have long used physical mail to send payment reminders and collect on debts.

In many cases, the customer often forgets about the payment, and all they need is a gentle reminder. You may need to notify your client in an email about late payments.

Friendly Payment Reminder Template For Two Weeks Late

Accounts paid after the 10th of the month accrue a $5.00 late tuition fee. We hope you are enjoying the books shipped to you last month.

  • Below we have discussed some additional ways you can send payment reminders to your customers.
  • When email reminders fail to help you clear your overdue invoices, charge late payment penalties for debt recovery costs, look for a debt collection agency to hire.
  • Will you offer an early payment discount or impose late fees?
  • Sending this invoice reminder email can help you avoid late payments altogether with virtually no extra work.

Anything longer is asking for a roster of late-paying customers. This is our third attempt to collect a balance of for invoice# that was due on .

We have attached the invoice herewith mentioning the late payment fees and all the payment instructions. As per our records, we have not received the payment of for , which is overdue by 30 days. We would appreciate it if you could make a payment on an urgent basis to avoid late payment charges. In the email templates below you will read about a late fee.

Chances are, once the client understands who you are, you’ll receive a call from them, or a message indicating when it would be a good time to call back. Sometimes, despite all your best emailing efforts, you still won’t get paid, or receive any kind of response. Sometimes, you’ll get paid on the date previously agreed on with the client, not much sooner or later.

Invoice Collection Email Template Before 2 Days Of The Due Date

If you have any questions regarding the invoice, please let me know, and I will clarify it for you. I am also attaching a copy of the invoice along with this mail if you no longer have the invoice with you. Please reach out to me whenever you want in regards to any questions concerning the invoice. Please confirm that I have the correct contact information for payment. There are many benefits of choosing a freelance career—from the freedom to select clients and projects to workload control. You benefit from immense flexibility of location and time too.

polite payment reminder email

Besides, it’s important to not dismiss this as a problem that is too big to manage. This is another reminder that we have not yet received payment for invoice #12304 for $7,000 — your payment is 30 days late. Per our credit terms, we can charge you additional interest on any payment received more than 30 days late. Chasing the payment means you are requesting the payment the client missed. Business owners usually have follow-ups with clients to receive payments.

If the customer doesn’t make the payment even after two weeks since the payment was due, then you can send them a new reminder mail. This would be the fourth reminder mail that you send to the customer.

Second Email Follow Up Reminder Email After No Response

We’d advise that you don’t wait for too long and send an outstanding payment reminder as soon as the soft deadline expires. If you remain laidback and don’t send quick reminders, your clients might pick up the cues and act similarly. When you’re not prompt enough, you run the risk of giving out a message that you’re not very serious about your own payment terms and lack the urgency in clearing your dues. Also, keep in mind that if a client pays you on the same day as the deadline, the amount can take a few working days to reflect in your bank account.

If you’re asking someone to pay you, make it as easy as possible for your client. Put the payment information in the invoice email and on the invoice itself, along with all the business contact details. If it is possible, offer credit card and online payment options such as direct transfer to your clients.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It was lovely to meet you and the team today, and to learn more about Sender and your goals with this project. I’ve put together a list of action points based on our meeting. Once I have your approval, I’ll be able to book the holiday. If you would like to discuss my request, please let me know as soon as you can. In your next paragraph, you should provide them with a course of action to solve the problem. You must provide enough information about the issue that transpired and explain what the customer should do next.

Creating A Strategy To Prevent Late Payments

Customer-centricity is essential for improving customer retention rates. As the boss always says, our customer’s success is your own success – give them a chance to succeed. For non-urgent missed payments, you can implement a 3 working-day grace period. Could you reply to this message and let me know you’ve received it? Please could you kindly confirm receipt of this invoice and advise as to whether payment has been scheduled. You might also enquire about whether there are any known issues that would delay payment. It’s helpful for you to know the expected date of payment when an invoice is going to be late.

polite payment reminder email

And on day 30 they get a phone call since they haven’t paid you yet through any other reminder. It’s also a good idea to send a payment reminder with a clear call to action once you’ve rendered the product or service. All you have to do is connect your payment provider to start sending messages to those with unpaid invoices.

Strong Email Overdue Reminder #3: Client Has Multiple Overdue Invoices

Adding a CTA button within your email or when you sign off will help the reader to get to the bottom of the issue easily. Your contact won’t care how important the information is if it takes more than a couple of minutes of their precious time to read through it. Furthermore, you can incorporate power words like “important” or “response needed” to catch the reader’s attention and stand out in a crowded inbox. Email communication should remain a top priority when deploying your marketing strategies.

When Should You Send A Payment Reminder

If you charge interest or late fees, be sure to include a cut-off time, if appropriate. When we’re waiting for our payment, we send a reminder to the client seven days before it’s due.

If you still haven’t received payment after a full month, it’s time to step out from behind the email curtain and call your client directly. First of all, it’s possible that your client changed email addresses, or accidentally provided you with an incorrect email address. Or, if you’re working with a larger institution, you may be sending your invoice requests to the wrong person or department. This is polite payment reminder email sent a predetermined number of days after the first reminder. You’ve given them the benefit of the doubt and also waited for their weekly invoicing schedule to pass, and yet they still haven’t paid. The tone needs to remain polite but also much firmer in its voice. Phrases such as ‘seriously overdue’ might be applicable as well as reminders of your payment conditions, including late payment fines.

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