Rapper Shock G Struggled With Drug Use In Tampa Before His Death, Records Show

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This synthetic drug contains mood-altering properties that produce feelings of pleasure, warmth and energy. Also known as molly and MDMA, the drug often shows up at nightclubs and concerts. Despite its health risks, marijuana continues to be championed by rappers today. Beeson says these artists may refer to substance use in their music because it once was their reality. They may not have participated in drug use or heavy drinking prior to experiencing fame, but they were surrounded by these behaviors growing up. To combat the influence of rap music on teen drug use, Herd recommended that parents monitor their children’s music.

The drug slows brain activity, helping people feel relaxed. Because of its euphoric properties, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ a host of rappers over the years — from Eminem to Kanye West — have espoused the drug in music.

The music video for “Lean Wit Me” begins with Juice in a 12-step recovery meeting, illuminating his desire to get and stay sober. The video closes with a number for a substance abuse hotline. And yet, when I think about Lisa, I have to fight for these memories of life because they are all obscured by the manner of her death.

He found that he was losing focus as his 12-step meeting became Zoom meetings. This caused him to become out of touch with his recovery community which he says is a big factor to staying sober. Last week, 38-year-old Macklemore shared his experience with addiction in an essay for TODAY. In his own words, he details his first time consuming alcohol. At age 14, Macklemore snuck alcohol from his parent’s liquor cabinet which was located above his refrigerator.

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All Locations Recovery Unplugged offers treatment centers across the country providing all levels of care for you or your loved one. If 10 Day represented a glancing blow from the powerful forces of a potential addiction, Chance’s next mixtape, Acid Rap, was a direct uppercut to the chin from addiction’s heavyweight division. The intro track alone featured references to “gallons of lean” ,“hundreds of Xan” , LSD and Ecstasy.

I quickly watched my life fall apart within the first year of using drugs and alcohol, but it wasn’t until years later that I hit a rock bottom and ended up a place where I could get some help. An aspiring musician in his own right, the late McKeehan performed under several monikers like TRU, Truett Foster, truDog, and Shiloh, and also worked on some musical collaborations with his famous father. Eric “Eazy-E” Wright made his name as the leader of one of hip-hop’s most controversial groups N.W.A. — and the rap world was shaken when the 30-year-old Ruthless Records founder died of AIDS-related complications in 1995.

Knowledge in healthcare led to an interest in drug and alcohol abuse, and she realized how many people are touched by addiction. Starting the use of illicit drugs at age 14 creates an extremely challenging path of maintaining sobriety. Without early intervention, overcoming addiction can feel impossible for those who have been influenced by drugs from a very young age. It is no surprise that Simmons has struggled with substance abuse due to his history, but he should be commemorated for seeking treatment. Experiencing relapse and returning to rehab is not a failure, but often part of the recovery process for those who have faced addiction.

He has, in his 41 years, worked largely in two professions—the rap industry and cocaine dealing. When he was 15, Pusha followed his brother into hip-hop; together they forged the rap duo Clipse. Like many of their contemporaries, Clipse’s music was a mix of nostalgia and bravado, and cocaine was a major piece of their repertoire.

Fans spread the video compilation and messages across social media to alert each other and hopefully reach the rapper or someone close to him. We’re here 24/7 to help you get the care you need to live the life you want. Talk to our recovery specialists today and start treatment immediately. Yesterday, Gucci got back on Twitter, talkin’ about how he woke up in a hospital ashamed and embarrassed about his behavior, apologizing for the shenanigans, and admitting to a terrible ten-year lean addiction. In case you’re too privileged and white to understand, lean is codeine cough syrup mixed with soda for an ultimate #traplyfe experience. Recovery Unplugged is a national addiction treatment organization with locations across the country that combines evidence-based practices with music to help clients more readily embrace treatment. More than 23 million Americans aged 12 or older — or 9.2 percent of the population — have abused drugs in the past month, according to the most recent 2012 data from theNational Institute on Drug Abuse.

Watch Meek Mill Talk Hiding Opioid Addiction, life

From jazz and heroin, to marijuana and reggae, to whiskeys in country music, and the great range of substances in rock and roll, drugs and alcohol have had major influences on both art and artist. If anything, hip-hop has simply followed in this tradition. Many rappers who grew up around drugs have positively portrayed substance use in their music. However, in recent years, some young rap artists have detailed the consequences of addiction and mental illness in an effort to spread awareness and eliminate stigma related to substance use disorders. Eminem has spoken candidly about his past struggles with substance use. Several other rappers, from Macklemore to Kendrick Lamar, have relayed the dangers of drug abuse through song. Instead of glorifying the behavior, a bevy of rap artists speak of addiction in a more somber tone.

rappers that struggle with addiction

No matter how many excuses he made for himself, it was becoming much worse. He also shared that he was a “functioning addict”, which in his eyes is the worst type of addict. At one point, he couldn’t picture himself doing anything without drugs. Eventually, he realized his addiction wasn’t just affecting himself, but his family too.

We are in a moment when the ethical expectations of art and artists—especially when it comes to the mistreatment of women—have exploded. Art is supposed to make us uncomfortable, expose the cracks in the foundation, and strip bare what we’ve deified. Bill Cosby kidding about Spanish Fly is not so funny anymore. The rendering of people as objects to be deployed however an artist chooses is at last coming into question.

Donovan was the first high-profile British pop star to ever face arrest for marijuana possession. Adam Clayton, U2’s lesser-known bassist, was arrested in 1989 in Dublin for marijuana possession. Aaron Carter was pulled over for speeding and possession of two ounces of marijuana in 2008. Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong was arrested for marijuana possession in 1931. Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead faced multiple charges and arrests for drug possession over the course of three decades. Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away.

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It was his kids that inspired him and gave him the strength to triumph over his situation and successfully go through addiction recovery. He said that when he looked at his children, he realized that he needed to be present for them. The incident led him to seek other medication, including Vicodin, to help him relax at the end of the day and help him get some sleep. Eminem acknowledged that all the pain he was feeling seemed to go away after taking the pill. In 2016, Simmons reportedly suffered an overdose in a hotel parking lot in Yonkers, NY. When found, he was not breathing, so he was given a shot of Narcan by medics. A witness stated that DMX had taken a powdered drug just before he fell unconscious.

  • Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away.
  • We are not responsible for the disease, but we’re responsible for what we do about it.
  • It has been reported that 1 in 7 people in the US will develop a substance use disorder in their lifetime.
  • Rapper Flava Flav has had his license suspected as a result of DUIs at least 43 times.
  • Chance the Rapper had a quick rise to fame that destabilized him and made him vulnerable to addiction.
  • After “Acid Rap” put him on the hip hop map he made the move from his home town of Chicago to the sunshine of Los Angeles, California, “in a pill fog,” cited GQ magazine.

In 2015, he was sent back to prison for six months after testing positive for the opiate. Meek Mill spoke candidly about his battle with an opioid addiction while he was on probation during a press conference he held in Philadelphia. This is about more than my own memory of a friend felled by addiction, or hip-hop’s exploitation of it.

Eminems Continued Journey Of Addiction And Recovery

He added that even through DMX has had a highly successful career, no amount of money or fame could give him the kind of help the rapper needed. The 50-year-old DMX, born Earl Simmons, has been in a “vegetative state” in a New York hospital after he suffered a heart attack last Friday night, according to the Los Angeles Times. DMX’s manager, Steve Rifkind, told NBC News that the artist was set to undergo tests on Wednesday and that his family would determine “what’s best from there.” “DMX is an icon,” Master P told TMZ in an interview published Thursday. “I just hate that we have to wait till something happen to one of these guys, to one of us, before everybody really start saying how much they care and they love you.”

  • I ended up on a bus downtown, then in a McDonald’s, where I threw up in a trash can and had to run from the cops.
  • A shifting attitude toward addiction and mental illness has taken place among the rap community.
  • One too many pills, dangerous drug combinations, and even unknowingly laced drugs, have the power to be fatal.
  • Starting the use of illicit drugs at age 14 creates an extremely challenging path of maintaining sobriety.

Mac has been vocal about his abuse of codeine, known as lean, and the addictive stimulant cocaine. Take a look at this list and find out which of your favorite rap stars abstain from drugs and alcohol. Given more rappers that struggle with addiction reasons to quit, including the overdose death of Mac Miller in September 2018, rappers are deciding enough is enough. XXL gathered a list of rhymers who recently walked away from their most detrimental vice.

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The duration of treatment depends upon what type of program you or your loved one choose. Residential treatment generally lasts around 7-24 days; detox lasts around 5-7 days; our partial hospitalization program lasts around days and intensive outpatient treatment can last anywhere from 10-30. EAP Services We work with companies to provide education on workplace substance abuse and get employees help they need. LGBTQ+-Friendly Rehab Compassionate and supportive care that addresses the unique substance use issues in the LGBTQ+ community.

Overdose deaths in America have increased; Opioids cause many of the fatalities. In October 2016, he reluctantly sought treatment for depression and suicidal urges. But Jay-Z believes that black musicians should be cognizant of their well-being. On Nov. 15, 2017, Lil Peep was found unresponsive in his tour bus prior to a show in Tucson, Arizona. He was pronounced dead after emergency responders were unable to revive him. But one opioid led to another, and in 2007, Eminem accidentally overdosed on methadone, an opioid agonist medication, and was rushed to the emergency room. In the 2000s, Xanax, ecstasy and codeine pervaded rap culture.

rappers that struggle with addiction

Juice’s song, “Lean Wit Me” was specifically about it and his struggles with drug cravings. Polo is one of many hip hop artists who have addressed their past or current struggles with addiction, notably in the wake of Juice WRLD’s untimely death. Trippie Redd, Stunna 4 Vegas and more have talked about using drugs, both recreationally and in their music. The emergence of Crack began in the 1980s and flooded the streets as an inexpensive alternative for Cocaine. The powerful drug greatly impacted urban and Black communities throughout the 80s and 90s, leading to mass incarceration and a pointed finger at those who were struggling with addiction. Selling drugs in urban areas was something that young people would often get roped into, as a way to make money in an area without a lot of opportunity.

Music As A Sound Path To Recovery

And the portrait of Houston’s addiction plays the same role, transforming a scene of personal strife into a package to be distributed out on the streets. In all the times I replay her death in my head, I have never wondered where Lisa got the drugs. Similarly, it is easy to imagine circumstances in which drug dealing is not a choice, but an imperative; not a question of morality, but one of survival. But there is no imperative in making the dead collateral damage in a quest for profit. And there is something particularly brazen about profiting from the addictions that killed a person, and then pillaging their reputation for more.

Alcohol abuse is just as prevalent in17.6 million people, or one in every 12 adults. On Coloring Book, Chance laid out a template for embracing a new identity as a family man, a savvy businessman, a child of God and as a person in recovery.

Many rappers saw evidence of the crack epidemic firsthand. Drug and alcohol mentions can influence adolescents to engage in substance use, according to Eric Beeson, a licensed professional counselor for the online master’s in counseling program at Northwestern University. In February 2016, rapper Macklemore released “The Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” a record in which addiction is a recurring topic. A few months later, he met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss the realities of this disease.

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