Full Text Of “a Treatise On The Law Of Collisions At Sea”

474 წაკითხვა


Return signals of distress was held in fault for the collision. Negligence in the other ship in not avoiding the collision.


Negligence of persons ashore causing collision, 159, 162. Ship ashore doing damage as she comes otf, 25, 494. Ship putting herself ashore, to avoid collision, 27. Of foreign ship that has injured British property, 201. Riding to a single anchor with other craft to leeward, 479. Separate actions for damage to property and person, 29.J. For damage to cargo, against carrying ship, 76.


The costs of the cargo owners in proving their claim u) . Foreign sovereign whose ship was privileged from arrest .

Whether the sea regulations can be infringed in a river, 56. Fault of one ship causing collision between others, 8. Liability for negligence of, not raising sunken ship, 89.

Ment, together with the amount of his pilotage fee . Per ton upon the tonnage of the towing ship . Those on board the ship to which they were transhipped. No other loss, injury, or damage had arisen. Their liability was limited to the value of the ship (/).

Must be kept entirely out of the track of sea-going vessels. Or owner of such vessel to show that she was navigated witli . The following rules were made under the powers of 25 & 26 Vict. Steam the tug boat in attendance shall make the same signal.

Of the cargo action until after the decision in the ship action. Collision with another ship belonging to the assured.

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River or roadstead, where vessels are likely to be brought up. Cause her to be held in fault in case of collision. Held to be an infringement of the regulations (//). As in case of a collision between merchant ships .

Shipowner responsible for proper lights being carried, 338. Liability of ship and owners, how far concurrent, 70 seq. Collision between ships of same owner, 95, 99, 267. Whether rule of division of loss is, 123, 208. Whether rule as to division of loss is, 208.


Fault for not stopping and reversing in so short a time (.r) . ” which is directed by these rules to keep out of the way.” To a limited extent in the case of a tug with a ship in tow ; 1480/483 way. Duty of the vessel bound up the river to keep out of the way h) . Board tack, to go about when the leading ship did so . They will not be held in fault for excessive speed yii).

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To be the fault of the pilot, and not of the master or crew . Master informed of local rules and customs of navigation (,/’). As to what pilotage districts were referred to . Otherwise applicable to foreign ships as lex fori . Duty of the ship in tow to give the order to bring up .

Lights, which were mistaken for those of a tug. Been the practice apart from the regulations . Chance of escape by departing from the regulations (/). Make regulations for any object but to prevent collisions. Construed as part of the regulations contained in Schedule I. Fault applies where the fault is that of a compulsory pilot (/). To stay actions pending in respect of the collision.

Rockland County Times, Volume Xiv, Number 8, 8 November 1902

Limitation of liability in case of collision with, 164. Where ship owned by company in liquidation, 74, 79. Where two or more actions for same collision, 78, 79. Liability for damage by unregistered, 153, 158.

  • Abandonment of injured ship after collision, 104 — 106.
  • To foreign as well as to British rules, has not been decided.
  • That he cannot recover more than half his loss in such a case //) .
  • Claims for which the owners of The IChedive were answerable.
  • Were not liable for the negligence of the crew of the tug .
  • Caused without fault, and also where the cause is uncertain u).
  • Bill of lading, what exceptions cover collision, 266.

Infringed the regulations by going about (/’). Out of the way of a fleet of warships, see under Art. 27, p. 458. Is intended to include all eases of ships approaching or being ships. Vessel, which was close-hauled on the starboard tack e). CuK’s illub- Two ships were turning to windward in a narrow channel. Collision with a pilot boat lying-to with her helm lashed a-lee. Cause her to be hekl in fault if a collision ensues.

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Light and no side lights, was held in fault . Foreign ships within British jurisdiction, b” 07 vt olS Viot. Rules to enable approaching ships to keep clear of each other. Loss upon proof that both ships were in fault (r/) . Difference between half the losses on the two ships respectively. Pulsory pilotage on ships cai-rying see Williams v. Newton, 14 M. Of the master such as to make the shipowner liable (//) .

Collision was between tug and thii-d (/) The Express, b’l Fed. Could recover half her loss from C, has not been decided (//).

  • (which provides that a ship shall he deemed in fault 57 Tss vi.t.
  • Lights of The Fhjinfj Serpent three miles off on her port bow.
  • Ance with a law which may give it no discretion at all.
  • Qualified pilot superseding unqualified pilot, 226.
  • Regulations to apply where there is ” a probability of risk.”

The tug could with ordinary care have avoided the collision. The tow was divided between herself and the two tugs .

Full Text Of “a Treatise On The Law Of Collisions At Sea”

The loss, and the suit against the steamship was dismissed (/). Carry the same lights as other steam vessels. Lights required to be carried by vessels when under way.

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Fact of colhsion, whether evidence of negligence, 29. Collision caused by, is by ” improper navigation,” 161.

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By “sailing vessels and vessels towed ” on the fog-horn. It is the duty of other ships to keep clear of her. May anchor there, although directly in the track of ships. On board a vessel will cause her to be held iu fault for a Article 29. Steamship came iuto sight at close quarters. Tug, and was forced against an overtaking steamship (/).

Division of loss where fault is compulsory pilot’s, 129. Rule https://wave-accounting.net/ of, does not apply to sailing ship meeting steamship, 405.

Ships plying to windward in company, 438, l.J’J. Ship sunk in fairway, duty to buoy and light, 88. Cases of equal negligence in both ships, 22. Where pilot’s negligence aft’ects the ship, ‘lA, ‘Jlili, 226. Whether negligence to heave-to in track of ships, 391. Distinguished from “crossing” and “overtaking” ships, 397. Pilotage certificates granted to British and foreign, 246, 258.

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Action at, after proceedings in Admiralty, 293, 295. Compulsory pilot is not fellow servant of crew, 99. Doctrine of, does not apply as between tug and tow, 195. Where more than two ships involved, 27, 160. Admiralty jurisdiction in case of damage to cargo, 76, 270. Effect of bill of lading as to collision, 266.

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